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with Decentralized Auction


Bounce Finance applies the on-chain auction technology to advertising with the objective of helping businesses maximize their reach to target audience while minimize their cost. By offering various types of on-chain auction and different modes of ads, we make the advertising process more efficient, transparent and fun!

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Key Features of Our Ad Space

Exclusive Ad Space

Bid and win the exclusive right to display your ads on your desired platform. No competing with other advertisements or having your message lost in the noise.

Joint Ad Space

Bid for an ad placement and join forces with other businesses. Create a larger advertising footprint and reach a wider audience.

How Our Ad Space Auction Process Works

Problems with Traditional Advertising

Lack of transparency

Traditional advertising methods often lack transparency, making it difficult for advertisers to know how their ads are performing and how they are being received by the target audience.

Limited reach

Traditional advertising methods can be limited in their reach, especially for small businesses, making it difficult for them to reach their target audience effectively.

High costs

Traditional advertising methods can be expensive, especially for small businesses, making it difficult for them to compete with larger businesses.

Fraud and manipulation

Traditional advertising methods are vulnerable to fraud and manipulation, such as click fraud, which can negatively impact the performance of an advertising campaign.

Limited customization

Traditional advertising methods often have limited customization options, making it difficult for businesses to tailor their advertising campaigns to meet their specific needs.

Lack of engagement

Traditional advertising methods can lack engagement and interaction with the target audience, making it difficult for businesses to build relationships with their customers.

Bounce Finance's Ad Space Auction Provides A Solution

Improve transparency

Bounce's on-chain auction process offers a transparent and secure environment for bidding ads, giving all parties involved an equal opportunity to participate.

Expand reach

Bounce's platform offers a wide range of options for ads placement, giving businesses the ability to reach a larger audience and maximize their reach.

Lower cost

By offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution, Bounce's ads auction helps businesses reduce the cost of advertising and improve their return on investment.

Eliminate risk of fraud and manipulation

With Bounce’s on-chain ads auction, all transaction, bid history and auction outcomes are recorded on a public ledger, I.e. blockchain. This eliminates the risk of fraud or manipulation and enhances the transparency and fairness of advertising.