The Bounce Token

AUCTION powers Bounce's entire ecosystem of decentralized applications with a wide range of utility, including: governance, staking, in-app marketplace/auction currency, and rewards for holders.



A fully decentralized and community governed protocol, Bounce is governed exclusively by AUCTION token holders.

Dynamic Staking

AUCTION can be staked to passively earn rewards and yield generated by the Bounce ecosystem of products.

Premium Account

Bounce Token holders are able to unlock additional benefits of Bounce V3 with premium account permissions.

Bounce Marketplace

Spend your AUCTION at a variety of different Bounce Marketplaces; from hiring & paying talent purchasing in-game items within the Bounce Metaverse!


Binance Exchange

As one of the first projects to enter the Binance ecosystem, Bounce became the cornerstone of the Binance ecosystem, including furthering its role as a mentor for BNB Chain’s Most Valuable Builder program.

Buy Crypto with Fiat Currencies

Simply choose the crypto you want to buy, network, and amount you wish to purchase.

Bounce will compare providers and offer you the best rate.

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