Launch and Finance Web3 Investment with Bounce’s Comprehensive set of Auction Tools


Browse a wide range of auction offerings with Bounce auction, including: Token auctions and NFT auctions.

Stay up to date on the latest auction information and opportunities with Bounce's open directory of prominent Web3 company information.

Founders and Companies

Plug and play tools to support your unique auction strategies.

Customizable auction applications catered to fit your company's individual demands.

* Bounce only provides tools for investment and does not host any investment activities for any party.

Certain investment activties are restricted in certain countries

Bounce Auction

Launch and participate in permission-less finance with Bounce's renowned
Decentralized Auction Platform.

Bounce offers a comprehensive suite of popular Auction types, including:

  • Fixed Swap Auction
  • English Auction
  • Dutch Auction
  • Sealed and Bid Auction
  • Lottery Auction

Premium functions:

  • Whitelisting
  • Time stamp lockup schedule
  • Dutch Auction Quota Control
  • NFT certificate

* Supported Asset: ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155


Auction SDK and PlugIn

Bounce provides an SDK and Plugin to create and host auctions online, bringing together everything needed to build an auction. You can host your own auctions on your website.


Bounce Developers

Ship more quickly with powerful and easy-to-use APIs

Integration Process



Composition of tokens

Project particle supports a variety of tokens from ERC20 to NFTs

Dynamic configuration

Design your chemistry to meet your needs with customizable parameters & a variety of input & output options

Automatic, No-code execution

New tokens will be issued reflexively following our consolidation process meaning you will not have to issue your own new tokens

Permissionless environment

Anyone can initiate a chemistry at any time

Bounce NFT

(Launchpad & Marketplace)

Bounce NFT enables users to not only buy, sell and manage NFTs with our marketplace, but also to launch and create their own NFT projects by using our launchpad.


NFT Launchpad